I am currently learning how to sprite. Right now I am trying to sprite an isometric game tileset. It is not working too well. Currently I am learning the basics.

There are lots of great tutorials on the web like The Pixel-Zone, but the best teacher is practice. *sigh* Maybe I’ll upload my stuff for tearting apart critique when I get a semblance of something done.

Why spriting a tileset? For a game of course. I’m still waiting to see whether I can sprite worth something before I begin that path though. Also deciding what engine I should use. Probably either RPG Maker XP or JCraft. I even thought of making a homebrew DS rom. But I’m hardly skilled enough for any of these options. But dreams of grandeur are always nice. And what gaming nerd doesn’t dream of making their own perfect game? Spam away with your perfect game ideas if you wish. Right now I’m in an SRPG kind of mood.


“Reverse Evolution”

\"Reverse Evolution\" of stickleback fish.

Studies of stickleback fish in Lake Washington show that the fish is evolving towards a state it was previously in. Mainly towards more ‘body armor’ due to predation. Ironically, this rapid evolution is because of cleaning up the lake!

And as a species, humans have faced selection pressures that call for similar kinds of adaptation.

For example, “humans in northern latitudes have light skin, and now those people are predisposed to things like skin cancer,” Peichel said.

The stickleback study does not reveal a cure for such a predisposition to cancer in humans, she said.

 Quote from the article, I found the bold statement a bit funny.

Jurassic Park may be more likely than we think

World First, scientists use genes from an extinct species and put it inside living mice. Though, Tasmanian tigers went extinct recently (about 1936), so we are still decades from dinosaur from frogs. 😉 Click the link for the nitty gritty.

Also, the universe may not be slowing down in expansion. Physicists are once again scratching their heads.

More in the World of Gaming

More to add to my DS wishlist:

Web Page Screnshot

Not too sure about this one. Looks a bit like a real time rogue adventurer game. In other words a great ‘waste’ of time. Steal Princess.

Many of us have played RPGs. We would slaughter whatever came our way and sell random Rat Tails and Ogre Spit to random shopkeepers. However… have you ever wondered what a game would be like if you were the shopkeeper, waiting upon adventurers for stock and running an alchemical shop to get out of debt? Wonder no more with Remuooru no Alchemist DS.


Not a DS game, but a broswer based dungeon crawler. Extremely entertaining despite the great lack of story, character development and what not. Basically all you do is walk around, collect items and kill monsters. However the strategy required between conserving occasional potions, your ‘MP’ and other things really make the game a winner. Lose the day in Monsters’ Den: Book of Dread.

Sun and Moon Jars

Sun and Moon Jars

Put in the sun, then watch as they glow in the dark. The science behind it, along with ways to perchase this interesting item can be found at ThinkGeek. More geeky goodness on the rest of the site.

More DS fangirling

On the homebrew front a group translating FFTA2 created an application to just for translation. We can possibly expect more ROMS, much faster due to this development. Not sure how legal though. -_-‘

Not an RPG, but still interesting. Twilight Syndrome: The Forbidden Urban Legend looks somewhat like a visual novel/horror game. Basically you play two Japanese girls exploring the mystery of mysterious cell phone text messages. Sounds odd, but the Japanese do know how to make some good horror, so I’m hoping for a good scare. Hopefully it comes to the US. Possibly won’t though. (I should really just learn Japanese and import.)

An upcoming SRPG, Knights in the Knightmare proves to be epic at least in the battle sense. Being able to control legions of characters with the point of a stylus sounds challenging and fun. And the main character is a spirit type thing, adding a new demention of game play.

RPG Time is Now

I go through my phases of gaming non gaming. This is one of those phases. Currently I am playing Flyff (Server: Clockwork, Room: 8-1, Name: Laurellia; if you want to look me up to party). I am also finally getting around to Phoenix Wright. But in my heart of hearts console RPGs are what I love. I haven’t played many,

Sigma Harmonics by the good folks of Square Enix. Detective and RPG all rolled into one, I can’t wait. Time traveling games that affect gameplay also seem to be in vogue lately (if you keep track of online casual games).

Avalon Code also looks interesting. Only screenshots as of the post but they look promising.

 And of course there are the slew of RPGs already out that I’ve never touched. But I get so distracted by shiny things!